Monday, 17 September 2012

Sayers has a sister and she is good!

Gosh guys I'm sorry it has been so long between posts. One would think I have stopped eating for the last 3 months but we all know that it's an impossible thought. My problem is that I find places I really love and tend to go back to them all the time, which leads me to Sayers Sister.

The original Sayers in Leederville has long been one of my favourite breakfast hangouts. The coffee is great (paramount if you are me), the food is delicious and the decor welcoming. The new location in Northbridge is no exception. It's bright and airy and dare I say, nicer than its predecessor.

I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was buzzing with people and wonderful dishes heading out to their hungry destinations. Those who know me know that I love to eat breakfast at any time so I ordered a dish that had a bit of everything. One thing that I really like about both the Sayers' is that if you don't want something that is part of the dish, they will often ask you if you want to substitute it with something else, or more of something you already have. This is a winner in my books.

Yes I ate all of it :)
I even asked a lovely friend to join me for coffee after and I managed to polish off a serving of the best caramel slice I have ever eaten. Sorry there is no pic but it kind of disappeared.

I wish I lived in a place that allowed for me to have a great food bench and an eclectic collection of furniture and knick-knacks  all around. Oh and cakes and lollies that look pretty and are always there for my guests to eat. But lucky for me there are places like this that I can visit and I don't have to do the dishes :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Not your ordinary food court fare....

I must say that I haven't been going out to eat much lately, or if I do it's somewhere I have already told you about. I don't know if it is because of the colder climate or because dinner parties have been my latest "thing"

Regardless of the weather, I still like to shop or look around the shopping centres at the very least.
Do you remember 10+ or so years ago when so many of us went to the markets on the weekend? There were the Subi railway and Pavilion markets, the Midland markets, the Freo markets and the smaller ones scattered in between. I loved looking at all the quirky stalls and the atmosphere was always friendly and laid back. Thank goodness the Freo markets are still there to keep the tradition going.

So that brings me to the new Coventry Markets in Morley. I have been there several times and always manage to find something to eat but I really wish there were more interesting things to buy.
It seems so sterile compared to the vibe of the oldies but I think that that is because it looks like a big warehouse. There is an excellent coffee place, a great alterations shop and a wonderful cafe called Sevim's which is on the list of my favourite food places.

You know how you can tell if a restaurant is good because of how traditional the food is? Well this place is always full of people from ALL nationalities because it is amazing, inexpensive and the people who work there are really nice.

This is a zucchini stuffed with rice and mince, pilaf and chicken wings. Soul food cooked the way hubby's momma does it. You can get stuffed eggplant, peppers, gozleme, beans and things that make your tummy and face smile. Carnivores or veggos rejoice because there is something yummy for everyone!
Now I just go to Coventry to eat. If I find something to buy it's an added bonus :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Happy Meals :)

Gosh I'm so sorry that it's been so long! I hope you have all been eating delicious things and if not, telling everyone about it.
Now I don't normally go out of my way to eat Chinese food as I always used to end up with some sort of tummy achey thing or worse, trapped in the toilet for a few wonderful hours in the middle of the night. I actually hadn't thought about this place in quite a while but it's been around for years, has a kitchen that is very clean and the food comes out super fast.
Natey got all excited cos he thought we were going to Macca's when I mentioned Happy Meals but it's actually a restaurant across from the Park Centre on Albany Highway.

In my opinion they make the best San Choy Bow I have ever eaten in Perth and they serve it for you using a fork and spoon scissored together in one hand which I have tried to master and miserably failed at. It comes in a hoisin sauce coated lettuce leaf and there is enough for myself, hubby and the offspring for an entree.

The squid comes out piping hot and seasoned perfectly. It's tender, the batter is light and the salt doesn't overpower the dish. I didn't mention that the people working there shook their heads when we ordered but we managed to eat all the things :)

This szechuan chicken is wonderful- the sauce is sweet, the onions cooked till tender and the chicken is the yummy soft thigh that complements saucy dishes so well.

This is beef fried rice and is so simple but one of my favourite things from Happy Meals. Pretty much just egg, rice, spring onion and beef but it's delicious.

Have you tried anything there that you like? If so, please let me know. I tend to order the same things all the time....

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pasta Pass!

This is the post that directly contradicts the "Pasta Fail" one I did a little while ago....
As you know every Wednesday after my class in Freo we look for a decent place to have pasta and pizza (carbs=metabolism and all that). My brother-in-law has been raving about a little place in Salter Point but because quite often my hubsy and his brother have differing opinions when it comes to just about EVERYTHING we hadn't tried it up until last week.
All I have to say is OMFG!!! I thought Spaghi and Sandrino's were good but this little treasure, tucked into suburbia is my new all-time favourite place and I can't wait to go there again tonight!

Raktacino- how humble this place appears to be until you start to eat and your mouth explodes with party-like sensations! The young man behind the counter is very well spoken and considerate which is also a bonus.

I like to try the chili mussels when we go to a new place because if they are good, to me it's a sign that there are great things to come. Also, I eat alot so pretty much go through three courses.
The perfect amount of chili/tomato balance- not too hot and a pleasure to slurp up with the bread.

Pizza with tomato, pepperoni and baked capsicum. The crust was thin, the toppings fresh and it tasted like it was made with love.

Natey's kid's pizza. Delicious.

Now this bolognese is one of the best I have ever eaten. Traditionally cooked with a touch of sweetness
from the carrot. Not too saucy and nothing to add, not even salt.

I really wanted to try the dessert pizza but the other two weren't willing to help me out at this stage so I settled for the lemon meringue.

Funnily enough this is the only thing I can pick on and it wasn't made in house. The presentation was great but I love my lemon meringue and this just wasn't tangy enough for me. I like sour that slaps you in the face.

Looking around, it seems that this place is a favourite of the people in the area, tables were reserved and there were family groups with kids happy to play with toys on the floor. All the other dishes that were served looked equally delicious to mine- the steaks are huge as was the parma. I wish I had brought my own wine too.

I don't normally do addresses but have to in this case:
16 Letchworth Centre Avenue, SALTER POINT

Do it- your taste buds will thank both of us :)

Monday, 9 April 2012


Funny..... I sent this blog to the City of Perth and it wasn't published. It amazes me that they can refer to me as someone who "tells it like it is" but the minute I say something that isn't complimentary it's nowhere to be seen.....

On Wednesday (28th) night I took a break with my hubby as we were lucky enough to be given a degustation from the people of Eat Drink Perth. It was at The Quarter on Hay which was very exciting as we live in the city so catching the bus was the best option, even if we were a tad overdressed to be doing so. But hey, who can argue with free transport almost to your door when you are tanked?

The initial meet and greet was lovely and the venue had a warm and ambient feel. I have never had the pleasure of dining at the Quarter before as I guess there is a stigma of being in a place where the city workers go to unwind after their day but this was not the case it all. It was quiet, welcoming and dickhead free...


After being seated at a lovely table we ordered a espresso martini and a "Bubbagabooze" which is a bubble gum flavoured vodka party in your mouth. I am an espresso martini junkie and the little touches of chocolate liquer and cherry liquer in this one made it one of my top 5 favourites in Perth. And that's saying alot!

The degustation was called the "Clos Henri Wine Dinner" and comprised of 6 courses with matching wines from the Clos Henri vineyards in the Loire Valley of France and the Marlborough region of New Zealand.

The first course or "Amuse bouche" was a small glass with a pea soup or puree, flavoured with scallop and a foam on the top. I think this was a perfect start to the meal although I thought that it was a bit heavy for the Cremant Brut (bubbly) that went with it. I never do soup with champagne. Personally I would have enjoyed them separately but having said that, hubby thought they were great together.

The second course was a salad of sauteed sweetbreads with yabbies, a quails egg (so cute) and toasted brioche. Let me say that I NEVER go out of my way to eat sweetbreads but seriously, these were so well flavoured that I think I could feed them to my 10 year old son and he would actually eat them. The sherry jus they were with was perfect. It was accompanied by the Petit Clos Sauv Blanc which hubby said was lovely but I cannot comment fairly as I am not a white wine person. Having said that, if I found one that was outstanding I would happily drink it. This one just didn't change that view.

The third course was pan fried scallops with potato puree, vanilla and tomato compote and fried capers accompanied by a Clos Henri Sauv Blanc and Henri Bourgeois Sancerre, both '10. The scallops were cooked perfectly but I could not see where the vanilla and tomato compote fit into this dish, or rather the vanilla. This was known as a "vertical" wine tasting which is a glorified way of saying that you get to try two at the same time. Neither of them swayed me though...

The fourth course was probably my favourite of the evening- the orange glazed duck breast, confit duck salardaise, spinach and fig wine jus. It was initially supposed to be accompanied by the Petit Clos Pinot but was switched with the Clos Henri Pinot which I think was a great move because this duck needed a red with legs- tender, succulent and delicious as it was. Thank God for red wine!

The fifth course was something close to my heart as my hubby is greek/turkish- grilled haloumi with sun blushed tomatoes, pita croutons, green beans, shaved fennel and wild thyme and honey dressing, accompanied with the Petit Clos Pinot. Let me say that the Clos Pinot '08 and Petit Clos Pinot '10 are both outstanding reds and would be welcome in my wine rack anytime. Even though they were switched for the 2 courses, I think the Clos would have been perfect with the haloumi dish as well. Or maybe I just wanted to drink more of it but who doesn't like wine and cheese together? My only pick on this dish is I found the sun blushed tomatoes to be a bit overpowering although calling them "sun blushed" when all they are is semi dried is amusing. But as with all the other couses, the individual elements are separated beautifully so you can forego one thing if it is not to your liking without compromising another.

Last but not least the sixth course was the rocky road parfait with peanut shortbread. So-so and the presentation was not there for me. I am a dessert person and if I order one at a lovely dinner, it needs to say "eat me". It was accompanied by the Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes '02. Magic in a glass and made up for how the dish looked.

I really do think that this was one of the better degustations I have had in Perth and would recommend it for it's diversity, presentation and taste combinations. Order your wines separately though, so you are assured that you will have something you like with every course cos' it's kind of a downer when you don't.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

I love them as much as Homer loves Duff.

Gosh has it been 2 weeks already? Sorry guys but the world of Feisty has been fairly hectic but what else is new?
Anyway, seeing as I spent the last 2 entries ripping the shit out of a couple of places, I thought I would enlighten you on my 3 favourite cafes in Perth at the moment (I am a self proclaimed cafe whore so I may find something new and awe inspiring tomorrow). But for now you can just humour me :)

1. Infinity Cafe in East Perth- I happen to live within stumbling distance so am very grateful that the coffee (Lavazza) is made by people who actually put some love into their work and the owner Johnny is so anal about his food that I pretty much love everything I eat there.
Have I mentioned before how much it irritates me that I can't eat breakfast at the time of day I want to eat it at? Well at Infinity they serve it from when they open until they close which is a win in my books.

Ah my perfect latte- not bitter, not too hot  and with a tree on it.

The big breakfast OF CHAMPIONS. Eggs, hash browns, sausages, mushrooms, eggs any way you want them and those beans. Sure they make your butt burp but those beans are homemade and are so worth the couple of hours of discomfort for others.
This is a toasted bagel with spinach, ricotta, poached eggs and bacon. Anyone who teams cheese with a bagel is winning in my opinion.

I've just shown you the breakfast food- Johnny is also a pastanazi so your lunch is going to be outstanding.

2. The Merchant in Mount Lawley- what a winner. The wine list is excellent and they have the best stuff that you can share with a friend (or not in my case). Just kidding I did share these fabulous mushrooms with wild rice and more ricotta. And that salad has candied walnuts in it.

The coffee is also very good and I love how you can sit inside, look around the store to see if anything takes your fancy or you can sit out the front and enjoy your wine and good company while watching dickheads break the 50kmp speed limit in their Ferraris.

3. Sayers in Leederville- all I can say is that if you haven't tried this cafe yet, well don't even talk to me! It would have to be my favourite breakfast place ever and yes I will break my no eating before 1pm rule to go there. The downside is that they do have specific times for brekky but the upside is is if you wait for lunch, it's just as good!

This is braised lamb, date chutney and buckwheat salad. You wouldn't think that the grilled orange has a place but when you eat it all together your mouth rejoices in the symphony of unusual combinations that Manu would say are "a marriage in heaven".

This is duck and pistachio tart with julienne salad. Now I believe that you don't make friends with salad but I will eat anything that is julienned. Only because I can't be arsed doing it myself. I try not to go near knives in general :)

Well there you have it! Do yourself a favour and try these places if you haven't already. And no there aren't any royalties here, otherwise I wouldn't have used profanity. Or would I?????

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pasta FAIL

As I have probably told you before, Wednesday night is pasta/family night. I teach a class in Freo and on the way home we try to find some tasty pastas and pizzas.
Apparently Il Caio is supposed to be a the "hidden gem" of the pasta world in Applecross but all I can say is wow, that was crap!
Before I tell you about the food I have to describe the family sitting at the table next to us because I believe that no matter where you are from, table manners are universal.
A middle aged lady was there with her daughter and two sons. I would say aged 8, 10 and 12 respectively. When we sat down I noticed that the little girl and younger boy were on a PS and the older boy seemed to be attached to his Samsung smartphone. There was no conversation with each other. They ordered pizza and pasta and when their meal came out it was too hot so they continued on with their devices. The mum had a bowl of veggies which she ate with her mouth open, and when the oldest child could finally eat his pasta, he did so by putting his mouth right down near his bowl and ripping the excess pasta off with his hand, all the while still scrolling through his phone with his other hand. At one point he wasn't concentrating on his eating and pasta went all over his phone which he then blamed on his mum because it was too hot. The little girl ate her pasta by shovelling it into her mouth with a fork and then cramming the rest in with her hand. Then a piece of cake came out for the middle son for his birthday and he picked the whole thing up on his fork  and ate it like that.
I didn't really expect dinner and a show but by golly I got one. I call it "Etiquette 101 and the disappearance of table manners" Unbelievable!!!
What can I say that is nice about the food.....
We ordered three dishes and I can happily say one of them was really good. It was half a free range chicken with sort of Portuguese spices and traditional spaghetti bolognaise. The chicken was beautifully cooked and the pasta was the way it should be. And it was great that for an extra $3 you could get a side pasta for many of the meals.

Most of our friends know how much my hubby loves pizza. When we have indulgence days it will always be his "go to" food of choice. This is one with prosciutto, mushrooms and olives. SPANISH olives- you know the ones that are cheap and have no flavour at all. For God's sake if you are going to claim to be authentic please don't scrimp, use kalamata olives because no good Italian pizza maker should use anything less!

And finally the worst dish of the day goes to this prawn pasta that claimed to have olive oil and chili. The problem was, the pasta wasn't drained properly so any olive oil, chili or taste got washed away into the "soup" at the bottom. This has got to be one of the most bland pastas I have eaten in forever (including food hall pasta).

I find it humorous when someone comes out and asks you how your meal was and the way their face changes when you tell them it was below average at best. Then they try to make excuses for it. All I can say is that if you are in Applecross and think that this is the best the area can offer, expand your horizons cos there are much better places just down the road and you shouldn't settle for average either....